If My Cats Were Superheroes …

… we’d all be doomed.


If my cats were superheroes, I could see the reject roster lining up to something like this:

The Feline Rejects

Castiel, alias: Muggsy Sunshine; superpower: avenging shelter kitties by crapping rainbows in animal abusers’ faces. (The skewed logic to this is that rainbows = good, animals abusers = bad; therefore, rainbows trump animal abusers). [I swear, this was his superpower before I even heard of Nyan Cat!!!]

Ishtar, alias: Tail Shaker; superpower: flicking tail one way shoots out targeted healing power, while flicking tail another way sterilizes feral cats.

Orlox, alias: The Assassin; superpower: successfully trips everyone that gets in his way, causing certain death.

Pandora, alias: Silent Stalker; superpower: to blend with her surroundings and sneak attack when perpetrators least expect it.  She also has the ability to speak a multitude of languages, giving The Feline Rejects the upper hand when it comes to cryptolinguistics.

Prometheus, alias: Wobbly Charmer; superpower: ability to hold the stare of enemy, enchanting them, and giving a good ol’ jab and uppercut to knock the sucker out.

Boots, alias: Head Smasher; superpower: to smash through obstacles with his huge, titanium-reinforced head.  He’s the muscle of the operation.

Icarus, alias: Sidekick Ick; superpower: his powers are developing – right now he’s still a kitten and, therefore, a superhero reject in training.   For the time being, Sidekick Ick aids the other Feline Rejects on missions, but not past his bedtime.




Toilet Flushing Cat?

Yes, a toilet flushing cat… AKA my special cookie, Prometheus.

For some reason, Prometheus and Castiel love hanging out on the rug in the bathroom.  It’s not like it’s special or anything, nor does it contain magical secrets to the universe’s problems.  It is a plain, gray rug.  That has been bleached too many times and turned a reddish gray color.

Yesterday, Castiel was hanging out on this rug.  I sat on the edge of the bathtub and gave him head scratches.  He was purring like a motorboat and showed the belly.  While Cas was chatting and purring, Prometheus wobbled in and attacked Castiel’s exposed belly.  I pried Pro off Cas and scooted him toward the toilet.  (Castiel hates having other cats attack his belly.  He’s sensitive about his weight)

While I was paying attention to Castiel, Prometheus decided to hop on the toilet seat.  He stared at me for a few minutes, then huffed.  When I looked him directly in the eyes, his head started twitching side to side like a bobble head (common in CH cats).  Pro’s stare was intent.  Out of nowhere, he took out whatever frustration that had been building up on the toilet paper roll, tearing apart about half the roll of tissue.  While I started to clean that up, he stood on his hind legs and perched his front paws on the toilet tank.  Prometheus sat back down.  The he cocked his head (which started to wobble back and forth), staring intently on the handle of the toilet tank.  Lo and behold – Propro stood up and pushed down the handle with his left front paw.  He jumped a little and arched his back when flushing commenced.  Then he laid down on the toilet seat, keeping an eye on Castiel.

Prometheus never ceases to amaze me.

On another note…

I changed all the litter out of the cat boxes yesterday.  When I set up one of the boxes in the kitchen with clean litter, Castiel was the first to use it.  (For awhile, Boots circled me like a great white when I changed them to ensure he was the first to use it)  I finally got a stool sample.  And to my relief, Castiel had a healthy poop.  Like you really needed to know that.  But I figured I’d update you since he was on meds over the weekend.

Never a dull moment with these cats!