Pandora3In 2003, Ron’s sister set up a makeshift shelter outside for a pregnant cat.  The cat had three kittens which were brought inside after the momma cat nursed them.  Momma took off.  One of the kittens was a tiny girl, all white with black ears, nose, and tail.  Ron fell in love with her.  So, he took her home.

Because we weren’t sure how the other cats would react, we named her Pandora.  Bringing her home was like opening Pandora’s Box.  Surprisingly, introductions went very well.  Morpheus and Pandora became best buds instantly.

Over the following two years, Pandora’s fur changed color.  It started out subtle.  In a short period of time, she went from looking like a white cat to a Siamese mix.  Later, our vet suspected she was a Tonkinese.  Pandora is very vocal.  She talks to us constantly.  She also talks to walls and other inanimate objects.

As mentioned, Pandora was best buds with Morpheus.  I have a strong feeling she knew he was sick before we did.  While Morpheus was on medication after he was diagnosed with cancer, Pandora never left his side.  She made sure the other cats didn’t bother him.  She would also bathe him and snuggle with him.  After Morpheus’ passing, I know she grieved for her buddy.  She hasn’t quite been the same since he’s been gone.  I think she goes through bouts of mourning, like I do.  Although she was always affectionate, Pandora was never a lap cat.  However, after Morpheus passed away, it was like she picked up where he left off, seeking out laps when possible.  Pandora has become very clingy to people.

We call her our little alien.  When she talks to walls, we ask her if she’s phoning home to her mother planet.  Pandora chirps enthusiastically in reply.

Pretty blue eyes


2 thoughts on “Pandora

  1. Pandora is beautiful. Love her blue eyes and the prominent black fur that surrounds her black nose.

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