On July 7, 2013, I was checking posts on Facebook.  I saw a cross-post my sis-in-law, Nikki, shared from NYC Urgent Cats.  This picture is below:

Photo my sis-in-law cross posted from NYC Urgent Cats.

Photo my sis-in-law cross posted from NYC Urgent Cats.

I fell in love.  I shared the post with Ron.  We were trying to figure out when he was going to be put to sleep, since he was at NYC AC&C for almost a week and he was a senior kitty.  Long story short, I told Ron that we needed to fill out a pre-screener for adoption.  He said, “Do it.”

I couldn’t stop looking at Uno’s picture.  I didn’t know when someone was going to contact me and I knew that time was not on Uno’s side.  I was worried.  He had a previous aural hematoma that caused the crinkling of his ear, one pupil was larger than the other, and he was 16 years old.  The chances of him being adopted by someone weren’t high.  I just hoped it wasn’t too late.

That afternoon, I was contacted by NYC Urgent Cats by email, stating that my prescreener was approved and my information forwarded to a rescue group.  I received another email a couple of hours later by NYC Urgent Cats again, giving me a timeframe in which the rescue group would be contacting me.

At 10pm, Heather from AmsterDog Rescue called me.  She explained the process, what she does at AmsterDog, and how we had to move quickly because Uno’s time was almost up.  I agreed 100%.  I told her Ron and I were in this adoption for keeps.  And to go ahead with pulling him from NYC AC&C.  By 11:30pm, I was working on my adoption application.

The following day my references were checked (and approved, obviously).  I received two text messages from co-volunteers and friends telling me that I had Uno.  Then I received the call from Heather saying my adoption application was approved!  I was ecstatic.  I almost started crying.

Orion an hour after being home. Pre-Wizard of Oz Treatment

Orion an hour after being home. Pre-Wizard of Oz Treatment

Tuesday afternoon, July 9th, Uno was delivered to my apartment by Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals.

When I opened the cardboard carrier, I found a frail, severely matted, and dangerously emaciated senior kitty.  I looked up at me with huge, bright eyes (pupils different sizes).  Then he popped his head over the side of the cardboard.  When he saw there weren’t any threats, he hopped out.

I knew I would have to start him on a high calorie diet.  He bee-lined for the food and water dishes, but ate and drank in moderation.

Ron and I renamed Uno to Orion.  Uno was too close of a name to our late kitty, Juno.

We brought him to our vet for a general geriatric exam.  Even though we named him Orion, we should have named him “Casanova” because everyone fell in love with him!  Dr. May gave him a thorough look-over, impressed how good he looked for a cat that was 16 years old.  She suggested a full blood panel and urinalysis, so off he went into the back area to have blood and urine drawn. I waited out front for quite some time.  Dr. May came back out and told me that they were done with the testing, that I would be called the following afternoon with results, but the vet techs loved him so much, they were giving him the “Wizard of Oz” treatment – clipping his hind claws, brushing all the mats out of his fur.  One of the vet techs came out with him a little bit later.  She took his picture to post on their Facebook page!  Everyone at Animal General was so grateful and choked-up that Ron and I adopted a senior cat in the height of kitten season.  But honestly, I couldn’t imagine my life without him.  I love Orion to pieces, unconditionally.  And I love the fact that he looks a little funny – it adds a more charm to his personality!  He’s gonna be living like a king now.

Orion Post-Wizard of Oz Treatment.

Post-Wizard of Oz Treatment.


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