OrloxWe used to go to a vet in Fair Lawn in the early 2000s.  One day Ron was in there with one of our cats (I can’t remember who now) in late August or early September 2005.  He came home and told me there were two kittens for adoption that one of the vet techs was fostering.  The kittens were still nursing and wouldn’t be ready to take home for another 4 weeks or so.  There was an orange tabby.  Ron wanted to know if I wanted to adopt it.  I said sure.

We decided to name the baby cat Chaos.  First, we wanted to continue with the Greek/Roman god/goddess name theme we had going.  Second, we weren’t sure what the outcome was going to be by adding a 5th cat into the household.  We thought Chaos was quite fitting.

In early October we received a call from the vet tech.  Chaos passed away.  The litter of kittens was taken away from the momma cat too soon and only one had survived.  A little black kitty.  The vet tech asked Ron if we wanted to adopt that one instead.  Ron felt really bad about the little orphan, so he agreed to adopt him.  The vet tech named him Onyx.  Again, it didn’t fit our theme of gods/goddesses.  Besides, Onyx was too generic of a name for a black cat.  Initially, we were going to name him Hades.  After meeting him, though, the name didn’t seem appropriate.  He was too clingy to be ruler of the underworld.

I was replaying a lot of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night that year.  One of the characters, Olrox, was my favorite boss in the game.  When I suggested the name to Ron, I mispronounced it and said Orlox instead.  But we both liked the name, and it suited the kitten.  Besides, he kinda looks a little like Nosferatu.  

When we finally were able to take Orlox home, it was just before Halloween 2005.  Orlox stayed in our art studio his first few weeks in our apartment.  The other cats were so much bigger than him and I was beginning to wean him off kitten formula.  It was a good thing that he was separated.  I had noticed a gray scaly scab on his ear.  It kept getting bigger.  I didn’t know what it was, but Ron and I took him back to the vet.  After inspecting his ear under the black light, the vet confirmed he had ringworm.  Orlox had to take antifungal medication for 30 days and was prescribed a high fat diet.  Ron was afraid to catch it, so he didn’t really handle Orlox.  Ironically enough, I was taking microbiology that fall in college, and we just happened to cover fungi and parasites.  So, I medicated Orlox and hung out with him while I studied.  During this time, he bonded with me.

To this day, Orlox has to get “mommy time.”  He loves to lay across my lap and cuddle up against me.  Since Morpheus passed away, he has taken Morpheus’ sleeping spot on my legs during bedtime.  Orlox was the first cat I ever met that got so happy purring, he drooled.  He knows his name and when he is called, he comes running.



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