Kitty Crazies Post Tricky Tray

Last night START II held its 8th Annual Tricky Tray.  It was a lot of hard work, but the end result was successful and gorgeous!  Since I was helping set up and selling tickets in the evening, I was out of the apartment by 7:30am.  Ron drove me to the venue before 9am.  He then went home quick then went to work.  After work, he drove back to the venue and schmoozed with family, friends, and volunteers.  We didn’t get home until after midnight.

This was the first time Prometheus, Boots, and Icarus had been home alone all day.  I worried about them periodically throughout the day and well into the evening.  When we came home, all of the cats were happy to see us.  Prometheus greeted us at the door with his funny, high-pitched meow and flopped against our legs.  Even Boots let out a vocal greeting and followed me around.  Everyone else pretty much waited at the food bowl.

After everyone finished eating, a massive outbreak of kitty crazies ensued.  I’m used to kitty crazies in small doses – usually at most 3 cats at a time (and right when I’m trying to get to sleep).  But this episode of crazies was the mother of all crazy episodes.  Prometheus ran from room to room meowing.  Icarus chased him, sometimes distracted by a toy.  Castiel unleashed a series of bunny kicks and attacks on the bathroom carpet.  Ishtar chased a piece of carpet from the cat perch.  She then proceeded to meow at it then run away with her back arched and tail curled (that’s my pudgy little princess!).  Orlox desperately wanted “mommy time,” but Boots kept chasing him.  Pandora was determined to catch water drops from the faucet.  Even Apollo had old lady crazies, chasing a fuzzy toy.

When Ron and I went to sleep, they all still had crazies.  I was too exhausted to care and fell asleep.  I awoke this morning to all of them still with crazies.  Today I wasn’t greeted by sunshine peeking through the blinds in the bedroom window.  Nope.  I was awoken by Prometheus running across the bed, backside flopping, ear back, meowing his funny meow.  He ran over me full speed, then jumped off the bed, ran underneath, then came back to do it again.  I blocked him from running across my stomach this time and, instead, he ran across my legs.

Boots was still trying to catch Orlox at 10am.  Pandora, Ishtar and Apollo finally settled down on the couch, but boys were wild until early this afternoon.

Finally, they’re all napping!  We’ll see how long that lasts.