SONY DSCBefore Save The Animals Rescue Team, II rescued Boots, he was found in an abandoned building.  His previous owner deserted him.  A construction work heard meowing in the house before demolition.  START II was called.

Boots was terrified of the shelter.  He refused to eat.  He hid under his bed for the majority of his time in the shelter.  Ron and I went every evening to try to break Boots out of his shell.  It was working slowly and just before Hurricane Sandy, he started coming to the front of his cage when he saw us.  Boots would also purr when we pet him.

START II needed to be evacuated for Hurricane Sandy.  After Hurricane Irene (which severely flooded the property), we didn’t want to take any chances, so we called for an evacuation of all animals a day before the storm hit.  All cats had to go into foster homes of volunteers who resided in non-flood zones.  Ron and I decided to foster Boots.  We worked so hard trying to make him feel comfortable.  We didn’t want to see him go with anyone else.

As I’m sure everyone heard, Sandy devastated us in New Jersey.  The shelter flooded again (although not nearly as bad as Irene) and the power was out for nearly two weeks.  Ron and I went there every day to feed the feral cats.  The inside of the building was freezing, so there was no way any animals were going to go back until power came on.  By the middle of the second week, Boots had come out of his room in our apartment and was interacting with our cats.  He curled up on the couch with us at night.  When I received the call that the shelter had power restored, I couldn’t bear the thought of bringing Boots back.  He was eating regularly and looked content.

Boots is the reason I am a foster parent failure.  I didn’t have the heart to send him back.  Boots found his way into our lives and we couldn’t imagine our home without him.



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