Climbing to New Heights

ProProOver the weekend Prometheus figured out how to climb on top of the cabinets.  While our other cats figured out how to do this their first minutes within our kitchen, Prometheus physically can’t jump as high as our countertops.  I had rearranged some things, including the cat food container, which sits on the floor.  In my poor judgement, I set it next to our table in the kitchen.  Prometheus managed to jump on top of the food container to get on the table.  Needless to say, he used our windowsill as vehicle to get to the counters, and in turn, somehow was able to get on top of the refrigerator, then on top of the cabinets.  Every time I found him on top of the refrigerator, I picked him up and put him on the floor.  I’ve seen him try to jump off the refrigerator.  He end up landing in the sink.  And that worried me.  However, his new feat worried me more.

Ron snapped a picture of him sleeping on the cabinets Monday morning.  He sent it to me while I was at the shelter.  I freaked out inside my head, but figured Ron would have gotten him down safely.  When I got home, Prometheus was still on the cabinet.  He arched his back, stretched, and let out a high-pitched meow.  Ron started talking to him and wanted to say goodbye before leaving for work.  I held my breath as Prometheus tried to jump onto the refrigerator.

He didn’t quite land right.  I think it was more of the angle of the jump than anything else.  I’ve seen him fly through the air and land perfectly (as he can, of course).  But the steepness of the drop messed up his landing.  He fell on his side.  Ron and I scooped him up and check him for any injuries.  He hurt his pride more than anything else.  Still, I didn’t want to see him injured if neither of us were home.  I moved the food container so he wouldn’t be able to get on top of the counters anymore.

Prometheus wasn’t happy with my decision.  He’s been trying to climb the table to get higher, but remains unsuccessful.  Each time I’m present when he fails, he meows at me as if to say, “Can’t you lend me a paw up here?”  I tell him no and that it’s for his own good.  Prometheus is not happy.
We’ve got to figure out how to accommodate his needs better.  He can access most areas in our apartment.  There’s some means for climbing near many of the windows.  In the bedroom, he climbs on the bed, then hops onto the window perch.  The dining room and living room both have seating in front of the windows that he can use as “stairs.”  Even so, I feel he’s limited to exploring only three rooms.  Time for Ron and I to brainstorm DIY special needs cat furniture projects for the spring/summer.