Food Intolerance and Fan Club

So, Castiel was back at the vet on Tuesday.  Since his last visit, he started puking every time he ate.  I started his diet the same evening, so his feeding schedule went something along the lines of:

6:30AM – nom-nom-nom; 7:00AM – barf meal he just ate.

This was happening 2-3 times a day (with three pukes per session).  Needless to say, I was worried and frustrated.

The vet said that there could be several things wrong, but an x-ray would show what she suspected… constipation or a lodged foreign body.  At first she thought he was doing a “scarf-n-barf” because he rapidly ate his food during meal times.  However, the only food he was puking was the Pro Plan Sensitive Stomach / Healthy Skin formula.  If he ate the regular Indoor Cat Chow, he was fine.

X-ray showed nothing of concern.  There was a small pocket of gas in his small intestine.  That was it.  And the pockets of gas show up now and then (according to the doc).  Dr. O also worried that maybe the giardia didn’t really go away because sometimes the fecal floatation can show up negative several times before a positive confirmation is made.  However, because he was keeping one food down and not another, she thought it was a food intolerance.

And this is weird… because he was eating a higher quality of food which caused vomiting.  But the low-end food he kept down.  Castiel was put on a special bland diet and flagyl.  I’ve ended up feeding all the cats the special GI health food I had to buy at the vet.  Castiel didn’t want to eat it from his bowl.  So, if everyone was eating it, he had to eat it.  Gotta say, no funky poops in the litter boxes now!

Before I left, all the vet-techs were sure to tell me how Castiel is so handsome and so well-behaved in the back room.  He got a complimentary mani-pedi and we were on our way home.  When I was leaving, two women stopped me just outside the vet’s office.  They asked to see Castiel.  So, I lifted the carrier a little higher so they could peek inside.

Castiel started talking to them, which made the women laugh.

“Oh my, he’s a big boy,” the older lady said.

“Yes, he is.”

“How much does he weigh?” the younger asked.

“18.4 pounds.  And the Doc says he wears it well.”

“That’s a big cat!  What’s his name?” Again, the older woman.

“Castiel.  Named after one of the angels on Supernatural.”

“What a beautiful name for such a beautiful cat!”

“Thank you!”  When my cat gets compliments, it’s better than me getting a compliment.

“Bless you, Castiel!” both women said.

And throughout this conversation, Castiel is talking away the entire time.

I was still laughing about it when I got home.  I told volunteers I work with about it and how he had his own little fan club.


2 thoughts on “Food Intolerance and Fan Club

  1. Oh yes, so great when people adore your cats. They are beautiful, btw! x

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