New Alliances Made

With each passing or addition of a cat in our household, alliances are made and wars are waged.  When Morpheus passed away, Pandora was affected the most.  They were best buds.  After Pandora went through a period of mourning, she hung out with Juno and Apollo.  After  Juno’s passing, Apollo was inseparable from Ishtar.  Now that Apollo has gone, and we have three new cats since Juno, Ishtar found a new friend.  Icarus.

As I may have mentioned in a previous post or one of the cat pages, ideally, Icarus was supposed to be a playmate for Prometheus.  However, Prometheus was put in quarantine for 2 months after Icarus’ arrival.  Instead, Icarus bonded with Boots.  He taught Boots how to play!  When Prometheus was released from quarantine, Icarus took some time getting used to him.  After a week of the initial hissing and growling, everyone settled into their own little groups.



During the day, Pandora, Apollo, and Ishtar slept on the couch or bed together.  They formed the old maid’s club (although Ishtar’s only 3).  Castiel, Prometheus, Boots, and Icarus played together most of the day… and well into the evening.  Castiel, being the happiest cat in the world, wants to love everyone and has always been content playing or napping with anyone who reciprocates his love.  Prometheus and Boots actively seek Icarus.  Prometheus even cries for him.  Orlox is a loner.  He can’t be bothered with other cats.  However, in the evening, he allows Ishtar to hang out with him when he gets “mommy time.”  Ishtar is the only cat Orlox doesn’t mind receiving kisses.



This morning a new alliance emerged.  Ishtar and Icarus were playing!  At first, Icarus didn’t quite know what to make of the situation.  He ran to hide at first.  Once he understood that she was acting playful, he jumped down from his high perch and chased after her.  Both of them had their tails high in the air playing with each other.  I was so proud of them.

Now… if we could only get Pandora out of the Cranky Cat Club (party of one)…


One thought on “New Alliances Made

  1. Cranky Cat Club…I know that one! Too funny

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