It’s All In The Details

I admit, I’ve got some silly looking cats.  Of course, they’re all beautiful to me, but I wasn’t attracted to their looks during adoption.  My cats won me over with their personality.  Over the years, I’ve found little details about their physical appearance that I absolutely love.  Next to their personality, theses are my favorite features.


Our monkey-faced cat, Castiel, is the happiest cat in the world.  On his front paws, he has tiny black spots, where the toes are.  I love this little detail in his coat.  He’s got some pretty big paws, so Castiel shows off the black spots quite nicely.



Ishtar has a gorgeous brown and black marble pattern that has a serpentine appearance when she moves.  However, that’s not my favorite detail.  Ishtar has a splotch of white around her mouth and nose.  This is my favorite part of her coat.  She doesn’t have white anywhere else.  Only on her face.  It looks like she ate a powdered donut.



Orlox is a lean, mean, purring machine.  His coat is becoming flecked with gray hairs as he gets older.  I have never seen a cat’s nose shaped like Orlox’s, and that his my favorite feature about him.  His face reminds me of a bat, especially his muzzle.   I like to think that it is his own unique quality.



Pandora has the most extraordinary eyes.  Yes, they’re blue, and they work wonderfully with her coat.  If you get really close to her and have a staring contest, then you can observe the real beauty in her eyes.  The pattern of the iris is like marble at the bottom of a reflecting pool – light bouncing webs of light.  Stare too long and you can easily find yourself shipwrecked.



In general, Boots is a beautiful cat.  His fiery coat and pattern remind me of solar flares.  His best feature is his huge head.  I’ve met a few big-headed cats in my time, but Boots’ head, well, it’s pretty large.  It is one of the first things you notice.  And comment on.  I remember seeing him come into the shelter for the first time.  I turned to the shelter manager and said, “My, oh my!  That cat’s got a big head!”  Ron and I tell him he has a head shaped like a boot… although I don’t quite understand what that means.



Everything about Prometheus is “special.”  He’s got special eyes, walks with a special swagger, and has a special tail.  My favorite detail about Prometheus is the mark of white that runs from his lower lip into his neck.  It looks like he dribbled milk.  I think it’s the cutest thing.



Icarus’ face is especially silly looking to me.  So much so, that he doesn’t really look like a normal cat.  His face is skinny (he have fabulous cheek bones!) and his muzzle is long and boxy.   However, I love that he looks like he is wearing black eyeliner on his left eye.  But it’s a mish-mash job at best.  The black along the lower lid of Icarus’ eye only marks half the lid, while the other half is pink.




4 thoughts on “It’s All In The Details

  1. Cats are pretty great companions, despite what any dog-lover may think. 😉 Ishtar is so beautiful!

  2. You know your cats in such detail…I guess all cat lovers are like that. Btw, your cats are very cute and each one seems to have a distinct personality!

    • LOL Thank you!! Indeed, they each have a very distinct personality! I think that’s one of the greatest things in growing with your cats – watching their personality develop. 😀

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