Add These To Your Lexicon

We have a bad habit of making up words for our cats’ sake.  Odd, I know, but true.

In fact, Ron and I have created our own little vocabulary regarding our cats.  Well, maybe more like three words.  But still, I’ve got volunteers at the shelter using our words and the cats at the shelter respond to them like our cats at home.  I figured, why not share with my blogger friends?

So, fellow cat-lovers, here’s a rundown for you.

Num nums

Colloquially known as Nummies

Num nums [or nummies]

Num nums [or nummies]

Any type of wet food you would feed your cat.  Please be aware that num nums exclusively excludes dry food.

At home, all I have to do is say “Nums” loud and I become the pied piper of pate, all cats following me while meowing.  The kitties at the shelter have added this word to their lexicon, as well.

Chum Sacks [aka chum chums or chummies]

Up until about 15 minutes ago, I thought we had made up the phrase “chum chums.”  Little did I know that chum chums are a type of cream-filled pastry.  Nonetheless, I’m not talking about pastries.  Have a fat cat whose belly sways with extra skin when he walks?  Ladies and gents, these are Chum Sacks (aka chum chums).   Interestingly enough, History Channel featured a documentary a few years ago called Life After People.  Ron and I were thrilled to learn that cats would slowly evolve.  What we call chum sacks would allow all felines worldwide to pull a type of flying squirrel maneuver  allowing them to glide in the air from great heights.

Chubb Chubbs [aka chubbies]

Ron and I have heavily debated the distinction between chum sack and chubb chubbs.  The difference is, chubb chubbs  allow for a little bit of sway while the cat is walking.  Chubb chubbs are not as pronounced as chum sacks.  So, if felines evolved overnight, chubbies would not make a proper gliding instrument like chummies.  In essence, chubb chubbs are the precursor to chum sacks.

So far only two of our cat have reached Chum Sack status.  Morpheus was king of the chummies.  In fact, that’s when we started to use the word.  Chubb chubbs began with Ishtar.  After about a year or so living here, she was starting to sway a little in the belly region.  Ron and I agreed that they weren’t full-blown chum sacks yet.  So, we called them chubb chubbs.  Since then Ishtar has developed chum sacks.  She was also put on a diet.


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