Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you so much to MaryJMelange, who nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award!  I am truly flattered! 🙂

As per the rules of the Versatile Blogger Award, I nominate the following Blogs:

And here are seven things about me unknown to the Bloggers I nominated:

  1. I am vegan –  I have been vegan for over 10 years and I was vegetarian for 12 years before that.  Despite being vegan, fruit is the least desirable food to me.  I’ll only eat apples, grapes, and oranges.  The smell of bananas and beef nauseate me.
  2. I write fiction – specifically in the horror genre.  Many of the themes and storylines of my stories are inspired by nightmares and animal cruelty cases.
  3. I am a bibliophile – I can’t stop reading.  If I don’t read for more than a day, I start to have panic attacks.  My ideal vacation is sitting home lost in a novel with a cat on my lap.  If I didn’t have responsibilities to tend to, I’d easily read a 300 pg. + book each day.
  4. I am very specific about my writing instruments – so much so, that I only write with two types of pens: Pilot Easy Touch Ballpoint Fine Point and Pilot P-500 Extra Fine.
  5. I am even pickier with paper stock – all journals or notebooks I buy must have the following features: very dark ruling lines, narrow spacing, medium to heavy weight, and extremely smooth.  I can spend hours running my fingertips over paper surfaces of every notebook and/or journal in an office supply store and go home empty-handed.  For this reason, I can’t order specialty journals online.
  6. I want to open a cat sanctuary – granted I become a NY Times Best Seller sensation or win the lotto.  My fantasy cat sanctuary would be for the “unadoptable” kitties and those who are at risk for euthanasia because they aren’t given a proper chance at adoption, with a staff of caretakers, socializers, and in-house vet.
  7. I have a bad habit of correcting people when words are used incorrectly – I love words.  The dictionary is one of my best friends.  One of my majors was English.  Enough said.

Thank you again, MaryJMelange for your nomination!  And thank you to those I have nominated for sharing your world with me.


One thought on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Sitting home lost in a novel, that is my kind of ideal vacation too.;)

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