Depressed Alex

Last night we had a photoshoot for some of the new cats at the Wayne Petsmart (for Petfinder and Adopt-A-Pet).  My buddy, Alex, was still there.  When he came to the shelter in the beginning of the year, he was such a love bug.  He would meow at me until I pet him and get lots of hugs and kisses. I was sad when he was moved into the Wayne store, but knew he would find a home in no time.  Or so I thought.


Alex during a photoshoot in April

Shortly after his move, I saw Alex during a photoshoot in Feb/March.  He remembered me and hung out with me while I took pictures.  Some of the other cats made him a little nervous, but he was still the big mush he was at the shelter.  However, I noticed him shaking that night.  I can’t remember Alex shaking at the shelter.  But, then again, I only saw him two-three days a week for a few hours.  Alex went to the vet and we found out he had an old spine injury.  He was placed into foster care while he had a regimen of medications.  I was told that he was so happy and playful in his foster home.  It made me happy to hear that he was doing well!

Then Alex got better.  And he wound up back at the Wayne store.  The foster home didn’t want to keep him, which is their loss because he’s such an awesome cat.  Poor Alex is so depressed now.  I made a comment to Donna last night saying how he looked like Wilson when Wilson was moved into the store.  The store was busy with people looking to adopt cats last night and all the other felines were bouncing off the walls with excitement.  Except Alex.  He stayed in the corner of the room with his head down, not wanting to interact with anyone.  I spent time petting him when our photoshoot was put on hold for a few minutes.  He barely looked at me.  I felt so bad for him.  I really hope he finds a home soon.  Alex doesn’t deserve this.  He’s an awesome cat.

Before we left, I wanted to spend a little more time with him.  I tried to pick him up, but he started growling at me.  I’m not sure if it was because there were other cats around or if it was just the depression talking.  I put him back in his cage and climbed halfway with him.  He turned his back to me after I started petting him.  When I pulled my hand away, he burrowed under his bed.  That’s how he was when we left.  Like he was trying to erase the world around him.

I know my dear Alex is still the love bug I met earlier in the year.  I hate seeing him so depressed.  I hope he finds a forever home soon.


5 thoughts on “Depressed Alex

  1. I hope Alex finds a home soon too…so sad.

  2. That makes me so sad. I would take Alex in a heartbeat, if I could. I hope someone gives him a chance.

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